Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Out of no where

A few minutes ago I was left reeling from a left hook sent my way from the darkness of the world we live in.

I'm in this anthropology class and I have been loving it.
People are so interesting.
But today our class was shown an educational video on transvestites living in Haiti.
Many practiced voodoo.
From my point of view, I only saw a number of lost men trying to find love and respect by following human nature.

My response: complete repulsion from Satan, complete sorrow and pain for the men who are so lost, and complete fear of the world that surrounds me.

We are surrounded by brokenness.

But God lost no time in making His endless presence known and reestablishing His fierceness in my heart.
Even now I am tingling from His power around me from my fingertips to the end of my nose.

In addition to watching that pain, we were expected to write a response to the video for class.
We were asked this question: How does enculturation influence personality?
(Which is a harmless question, obviously)
My response:

   I guess I could say that enculturation influences personality a great deal. My only problem I have with that response is that my personality is influence by something more than what is found in my culture alone. My “enculturation” leaves me broken for the tragedy of our world. My “enculturation” leaves me wondering why my teacher sees her class’s response to such a perfect example of human nature, grins, and calls it “interesting”.  This exercise in making me aware of my “enculturation” has shown me how often people choose to live with obscene pain and incompleteness to satisfy a need to be loved and cherished. I have been shown how beautiful the love and life Christ offers is. How through Him we can defy “how we were born” and become whole and satisfied. Every culture in our world can only live the way they were born, but God sent us a way to return to how we were created.

My real response is that God would restore those men we saw in that video.
I pray that He would send a messenger to deliver His wonderful news.
That he would satisfy their everlasting longing and offer them a hope and a future.
I pray that they would see His face and know His Love and Power.

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