Sunday, February 3, 2013

Recap of recent events

I got to watch miss Addie P.

I love it when they reach her age.
They get all these crazy facial expressions that change a mile a minute

Henry's getting bigger and bigger.
I miss his teeny-ness

And of course I forgot my camera Saturday but
 here's all the loot I scored during our Goodwill shopping spree.
(Sorry for the stinky pics. I took them at night.)

I got a round metal tray, clock for the bathroom,...

2 pairs of flats, 10 tops, 2 skirts, a scarf,....

3 glass storage containers, a small plant pot, big canvas storage cube,
and 2 large plant pots for container gardening this year.....
...all for $40. 
I know, right?
That's why we do this!
Tons of stuff we're looking for anyway but super cheap. 

And when this happened tonight........

I was really hoping this would happen......

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