Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alive in Him

I have been reading in Romans recently.
Reading daily is something I have always struggled with and failed at more than not.
But I have been reading in Romans.

Right now I just want to write how joyful and thankful I feel.
I am in amazement at the good things that God piles up on those who are His.
To begin with, I am His.
That's a life long eternal Christmas, right? What more could He give me?

But then He says that we will live forever, that my sins are forgiven, that the glory of our future with Him will outweigh immeasurably the sorrow of this life, that I am free from the body of death I live in right now, that He understands my sin, that He understands my weakness and still does not turn me away, that I'm not a loser anymore but more than a conqueror, that I can share what's been given to me with others, that The SPIRIT of God intercedes for me (!), and on and on and on......

People of the world!

Accept what He has done for you and rise up from the grave you were born in!

Do not waste time.

There's none to waste and He cannot wait to shower you with His endless love!

It is good to be ALIVE!

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