Monday, March 25, 2013

Whew... that was fun

We had a packed weekend.
Thankfully it was packed mostly with fun times.

Friday: We had a triple date with Ally, Bryar, Anson, and Rachel.

We met up at Scotty's Brewhouse in Indy for dinner.

It was really good.
Our napkins were towels if that tells you anything.

At tha game!

Then we got some coffee....

... and walk around the city a bit.
It was chilly but not awful. 

 Saturday: It was a work day pretty much.
I was at the coffee shop and Adam was at church preparing for our church's big worship concert that Sunday night.

Sunday: A big snowstorm was on the radar and everyone just started praying that people would come to the concert.
The team had been preparing for weeks and would be so disappointed if it was cancelled.

It did snow.... alot.

But the worship went on and it was wonderful!
Have you ever got to experience just full out singing and shouting and praising God, no hesitation?
Well if not, you should. 
Because it's what we're going to be doing for eternity. 
You might as well start practicing.

 After the concert we headed to a youth group girl's house for food and games.

This is her giant, fluffy cat named Carmel.
He was so HUGE!
And snuggly.... definitely snuggly

And now here I am on a Monday.
The snow has stopped falling and I need to dig out my car.

Its been a fun weekend spending so much good time with our family and friends.
All praise to God, forever and ever. 

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