Friday, April 19, 2013

Breakfast and Pinterest

I'm starting my chill day with breakfast and pinterest.

I love a good, traditional breakfast and this morning I chose coffee, eggs and in bacon and then eggs cooked in all that bacony goodness.
Unhealthy? Maybe.
Delicious? Yes.

And here are my last ten pins.
(If you click on the image, it'll take you to the original source.)

Strawberry Baked Oatmeal with Chocolate
1. Doesn't this baked oatmeal recipe look yummy?

2. Party-ready queso blanco

3. This print would be sweet in our room

4. An idea for using thrifted furniture in a space-saving way.

5. What a wonderful work of art. I would just want to sit and look at it all day. I wonder how it's displayed?

6. I love these sweet landscape skirts, stripey tights, and nostalgic shoes.

7. These DIY PJ's look so comfy and so pretty. Plus they're made out of old bed sheets. I wish my sewing skills (and confidence) were up to this project.

 Avocado Hummus
8. One more recipe and this one is for making avocado hummus.
I like that it doesn't use tahini which can be kind of expensive.

make your own birthday candles Martha Stewart
9. A tutorial on how to make your own fun shaped cake candles.

marc de groot denim3 Mijo Mihaljcic Gets Denim Clad for Vogue Netherlands May 2013 by Marc de Groot
10. and finally, this woman's easy natural hair style..... I'm liking the rest of her style too

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