Friday, April 26, 2013

Coconut Oil

I've been reading alot about the versatility & benefits of coconut oil.

 When enough reading became enough, I decided to try it for myself.

It is a solid below 76 degrees but 
slowly liquefies as it reaches temps above that. 

Here are even more uses for coconut oil:

Homemade Toothpaste - Combine equal parts coconut oil and baking soda. Sweeten with stevia and flavor with your favorite essential oil.
Aromatherapy - Whether you like coconut or not, the soothing aroma of coconut oil is pleasing to us all and can help us wind down after a long, stressful day. 
Wound Care - Although you may not be ready to give up your Neosporin, coconut oil can even be used as a topical protector for wounds, shielding them with a thin chemical layer from outside contaminants. You can apply a small amount of coconut oil to small scrapes and cuts.
Metabolism Booster - 2 tablespoons per day are proven to rev up your metabolism.
Thyroid Supporter - Regular coconut oil consumption has been shown to support healthy thyroid function.
Energizer - 1 teaspoon can give you a burst of energy instead of turning towards a caffeinated energy drink.
Oil Pulling - Swish coconut oil around in your mouth for 10 minutes before brushing.
That last one, oil pulling, is something I read about a 
long time ago and have been wanting to try it ever since.
It helped to think of it like gum: 
You can chew and chew but you shouldn't swallow it. 
Same with the oil: swish and swish but spit it out when you're done.  
PLus you can do it while doing other tasks like getting 
dressed or doing the dishes, which is what I did. 

Have you used coconut oil?
What do you think of it or what's your favorite way to use it?

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