Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Media storage re-organized

I decided it was time to go through our media storage and clean it up. 
For some reason (even though we never listen to our CD's anymore) not only had Adam & I both kept every CD we ever had but also the case it came in. 
'Totes unnecessary.
Also, though we don't have a ton of DVD's, we do have a lot and all of THEIR cases. 
Because we only have two drawers to store all this in, it was time to streamline. 

You see the full-to-the-brim drawers there?
That was annoying. 

So I pulled everything out and went through every case, pulled out the CD,
 and slid it into a larger bulk storage case. 

The cases all piled up and ready to be thrown out. 

Ooop. Look who it is. 

Always sticking his nose into other people's business. 

Then it was on to the DVDs.

The DVD's got zipped up into their own case. 

I also detangled and bound all the extra cords that tend to hang around. 
And they got their own box. 
I just can't believe how much space there
 is now that all those bulky cases are gone. 

By the way, I didn't put any of the CD's or DVD's in any particular order.
I just wanted to get rid of the extra bulk.
For as little as we use them, there's not much need to categorize everything.

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