Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Construction Zone

Though we saw signs of road construction coming, this morning we were still startled awake by sounds of a bulldozer from right outside our window.

The racket lasted all day and now our road looks like this:

For the time being, until the work is finished, we'll have to park in our backyard.
It's kind of an inconvenience and I wish they had sent around a notice of what was to come, but the road will be so much nicer once it's done.

 Also (this has nothing to do with the road but) here's a bonus:

We had friends over for dinner and the guys somehow got set on getting into our house's attic and seeing what it looked like. 
After searching in all the closets for an attic door and finding none, they decided that the above setup was a good idea. 
The window was they only way in.
Guess what they found?!

Absolutely nothing. 
Just some fluffy, dusty insulation and an old chimney stack.

It was fun for all concerned though. 

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