Thursday, September 5, 2013

Getting that Fall Feeling

I always look forward to the change of seasons.

I especially love fall.
We were talking for awhile about making a big move and I've always said living in a place that has a fall season is important to me.
It's just such a sensory season.
All the new textures, scents, tastes, lowering temperatures, and even sounds are refreshing once summer ends.
And it doesn't hurt that I'm not starting school anymore in the fall either :)

Pinterest has come through again in giving me a taste of what's to come.

Some recent finds......

Some inspiration for natural decor.

Wonderful colors

After such bright, warm summer days it's 
wonderful to make things cozier around home. 
I love the dark rustic feel of this table setting 
with the bright soup and whites for contrast. 

A wreath made using wheat- I guess wheat can be updated :)

Dark and cozy with comforting brights and whites

You can click on the picture for the recipe to make crock pot apple butter. 

And the wardrobe changes of course!
Soon it'll be time to switch out my 
shorts and swimsuits for boots and sweaters. 

I love the richly colored dress with short boots. 

Also Parenthood returns on September 26! 
I love Parenthood!

Until it really starts to feel like fall and I feel like I can really start doing something about it, I'll be doing some extra cleaning projects around the house to get it ready for cooler weather. 
On my list:
  • wash windows in and out
  • wash window curtains
  • clean out closets especially the coat closet
What do you do to get ready for fall?

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