Monday, September 23, 2013

Making it work today

I'm always so interested in other people's daily schedules: their morning routines, what they fill their days with, how they relax in the evening, what they do for fun, how they make it ALL work somehow.

I would be a daily anthropologist.... if there was such a thing.
I guess that's a major reason why I both write and read lifestyle blogs.

Here's how I'm planning on making it all work for us today....

9-12: send some emails, write a blog post (ta-da!), do the dishes from last night, do some other chores here and there, put dinner in the crock pot (making this), get ready for work

12-5: work at Java Haute

6-11: eat dinner, go to Adam's softball game, spend time with friends there, get a shower, probably snack on something and read while my hair dries a bit, go to bed

So that's what my day will most likely look like.
I'm really thankful for it.

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