Monday, September 9, 2013

Some Things on My Mind

1. I am READY for fall. Like really ready. Alas, today the high is supposed to be 96 degrees. Gah. I won't be pulling out my sweaters and boots any time soon.

2. Adam and I are doing something this weekend we've been looking forward to. We're heading to a lake resort near Bloomington and enjoying a long weekend away from life. By ourselves. : ) I'm taking 5 days off work and we're missing church. Whoa. Adam will be playing golf to his heart's content and I will hopefully be able to layout by the pool to MY heart's content. I guess for that reason I'm glad the weather will be hovering in the 80's for a while.

3. Chris and Monique left this weekend to bring Ally and Bryar the rest of their stuff. B & A were assigned an apartment near base. They were roughing it at the apartment for a few days since they had pretty much nothing with them. So I'm sure they're all there together having so much fun setting up home. I miss B & A. I have to admit, I was tempted to drop everything and hop in the van with Chris and Monique. I would've been back in time for my weekend with Adam. ;) But no, I belong here and am just happy for my family.(side note: it's 55 degrees there where they are in New York. Sounds cozy. )

4. On a completely different subject, fall softball starts tonight for our church. I love going to the softball games. I like watching Adam play, I like getting a treat out together afterwards, I like talking with everyone on the bleachers, and I'm going to love going when the weather begins to turn more fall-like.

So, that's about it.
I hope you have a wonderful start to your week. 

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