Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Feeling Funky

I had a sick day yesterday.

It started out with minor stomach pain that got worse as I went to work and started moving around a lot.
I was already feeling achy and I was getting nauseous..... not a plus when you're running around taking people's orders and trying to be a bubbly barista.
It was not happening.

So I went home and tried to live up being sick. :)
Which pretty much means I layed on the couch dozing, watching movies, reading, and letting Adam take care of me.
I think that was my favorite part.
He can be very sweet.

Sometimes I have a hard time believing I'm really sick and need to stay home from work or something like that because (confession): I would fake being sick a lot when I was growing up because I hated school and I could only stay home if I was sick (of course).
So yea.
I was a little liar.
So now I barely believe myself when I REALLY AM SICK.
I'm a dork.

I'm much better today though.
Just a little bit of weird stomach pain.
I'm glad because people around me have been getting sick with much worse and I am not up for that (obviously).

So today it's off the couch and back to work.

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