Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

It's sunday and I've been sitting in bed all morning.
I needed some time at home before our week starts up again tomorrow.

We have just had one of the funnest weekends in a long time.
Adam was in our friend's wedding.
So were about 4 couples who are some our closest friends.
Many of them have children but they were all left with grandparents for the weekend.
The wedding was also out of town so we all stayed in a hotel together and just had so much fun!

Friday the guys went golfing and I got to go shopping with my friend Corinne.
Life has been so busy so it was just SO good to spend time with just her.
We had so much fun!
Then we all went to the rehearsal, enjoyed a delicious dinner together, then headed back to the hotel.
We all went swimming and got in the hot tub.
At one point a game of marco polo broke out!
So fun!

Eventually we all got out, put comfy clothes on and played cards till 1 am. Fun!

The day of the wedding, all the non essentials (me, Corinne, Betsy....) hit up Trader Joes (wish we had one in town) and got lunch from Chipotle.
Everyone else who was actually is the wedding and needed to be there for pictures headed to the wedding wedding site.
We non-essentials eventually got dressed and headed to the wedding together.

This couple is so sweet.
It was just one of those precious weddings where God is who is binding them together and they have all the hope and peace in the world.

It's what really makes a wedding beautiful and perfect.

It was a beautiful, full, fun weekend.
I'm so grateful that God gave us the gift that was this weekend.

More than that, we pray all of God's goodness and grace for Ryan and Lainey as they begin their life together. 

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