Sunday, September 7, 2014

An Over View of This Weekend

This weekend was a full, happy one. 
Friday evening we didn't do much though. Just vegged out. 

But Saturday, Sweetums and I headed out on a very fall-like morning to go yard sale hopping. 
There were several big ones including one at a church, a community one at Deming Park, and a neighborhood one. 
Those kinds are my favs, especially with a little kid in tow. 
The fewer times we have to get in and out of the car seat/stroller, the better.

Man we scored!
Here's our loot which I only paid ten bucks for:

Panda shoes: adorbs, especially for being $1

Loved this sweet little doll house. 
It was pretty dirty and dusty but at $2, a little water goes a long way.
Now I'll be on the hunt for some nifty dolls and furniture. 
I might have to get crafty.

Oh I was stoked to find this pretty big bag of chunky, wooden blocks for $1. 
More to come on these......

Bought a really old, decrepit looking aloe plant for 50 cents.
Hopefully I can nurse it back to a prime plant.  

Took this shot and it's so blurry but so sweet. 
She was a somewhat whiny but compliant thrifter that morning. 
Nothing a fistful of cheerios and juice couldn't help. 

She got some fun little instruments to play. 
I also got a pretty blue scarf, some large embroidery hoops, and an old animal cracker tin box. 
One man's trash is my treasure fo' sho'.

Ok back to those bargain wooden blocks.
Later Saturday afternoon, I got out my burning tool and went to town.

I had seen blocks that had little doors and 
house fronts drawn on them and I was like "yup. I'm doing that."
I just doodled for a couple of hours and boom!

This is probably a tenth of the blocks. 
I'll work on this project off and on until every side is covered with some doodle or other. 
I may introduce some color and paint entire sides. 
I'm thinking mustard, black & white, orange.... I dunno.
We'll see.

Saturday evening, Sweetums went to my parents house and 
Adam & I went to a high school soccer game. 
Two sisters in our youth group play and are just really awesome.

After the game we met a couple for dinner....

...and I got ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough) on our way to pick up Sweetums. 

Sunday was church with a special meet and greet after with some of our new families. 
Afterwards, Adam and I grabbed lunch at Taco Bell 
and Sweetums fell asleep during the 2 minute drive home. 

It was a fun weekend with some needed socializing and time with Adam after a routine driven week. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE being  at home with a kid now but I am realizing the feeling of isolation that can happen. 
Adam is really thoughtful and good about telling me to get out by myself and giving me a "time out" :)
That is extremely helpful. 

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