Thursday, October 9, 2014

To Halloween or Not to Halloween

One night a couple (a few?) weeks ago, Adam and I were sitting around like we do and I was looking up cute homemade toddler Halloween costume ideas.

Just because I'm a nice, considerate wifey I asked Adam if he had any ideas for dressing up our little sweetums for the trick-or-treating festivities. 

You know what he said?

He said "We're not doing Halloween."

Uh, what?
Excuse me?
We dress up every year. I went trick-or-treating every year growing up. 

He didn't.
His family would go camping or do something else fun instead.

Apparently we never discussed this. 
Which is surprising because we talk about everything. 
Or at least I talk about everything. 

My first response was just like "What?! What do you mean we not doing Halloween?"
I mean I'm not a big spook lover or anything. 
I never decorate for Halloween or do creepy snacks and I HATE scary movies. 
Really I just like dressing up and getting candy. 
And I thought that would be fun to do with our kind-of-ours kid. 

But after thinking about it for awhile and seeing how pretty serious Adam was about it, I think I'm good with it. 
I don't know if much conviction against it comes from trying to be biblically correct or not, but I'm pretty sure nothing there encourages celebrating any kind of Halloween in any kind of form.
So that's a +1 for that argument. A really big +1.

We'll see how the subsequent years go.
Maybe we'll change ours minds.
But this year I think we'll just lay low on the Halloween front.

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