Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Give Me Green

We are most certainly in the doldrums of winter right now.
To me, it's made worse by the fact that we have had next to no snow; just a couple dustings.
Generally, it's just gray and cold and depressing.

So here we are sitting in the middle with a few more corners to get around before spring arrives.
It's making me look around the house and want some more green.
I have a hankering to run to Walmart and see if they have any giant plants for sale.

I would love something like this....

...or this....

....or this....

The middle one is a Cordyline Red Sister plant.
I love that!
And the fuschia?
So festive for valentine's day this weekend.

In my appetite for all things green, I've also been pinning links on camping/tent camping/family tent camping/RV renovations like mad.

It crazy how discontentment just settles in the cracks of your bones like it does this time of year.
You just want change!
I guess it'll come.
Even if it's just in the form of a new coat of paint or a pretty potted plant.

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