Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Criss-cross applesauce

Have you ever had homemade applesauce?
Well if you haven't, come on over to my house!

A week or so ago I thought I got a great deal on 5 lbs. of apples. 
Unfortunately, the apples had that soft, mealy texture
and that's just a no-go for us.
We like hard, crisp apples. 
I didn't want all those apples to go to waste so I turned them into applesauce. 

I did all my cooking in the crock pot so this recipe is soooooooooo easy (other then the apple peeling, maybe).

So I started with 10 apples 
(I realize there are only 7 here.
 I had already peeled 3 when I remembered to take this pic)

Peel and core them all. 
Then chop them up into small bite size pieces.

Throw them in the crock.
Add 1/2 C. water, 1/2 C brown sugar 
(I thought this ended up being too much. I would change it to
 a 1/4 C. sugar next time), and a good sprinkling of cinnamon.

Now cook them for 4 hrs on high. 
Towards the end I stirred them and smooshed them against the side
 so they would be smooth and chunky. 

Finally, eat up either warm from the crock or refrigerated for a bit.

I'm sure a few more steps could turn this into apple butter.
I think I feel some Google-ing coming on. 

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