Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend happenings

We had a fun weekend here.
As I mentioned, we kicked it off with vegging.
Then we got to go to a birthday party, got some of Adam's Christmas shopping done, hung out with family,
and went to our first party of the season. 

It was little miss Ellie's 3rd birthday!

Sweet girl.

Got some cuddles with her little sister, Addie.

The Christmas party was for a group we're part of at church. 
We had a white elephant exchange. 
I LOVE white elephant. 
I gave away a white ladies pant suit and got a TV. 
Adam gave away an old pair of inline skates, a hatchet, and a KJV bible on cassette. 
He got 2 cake pops and a starbucks giftcard. 
He totally scored :)

A fun weekend all around and we're ready for this week. 
I start working at Java tomorrow. 

Good things and good times. 

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