Thursday, May 28, 2015

Looking Back at Spring

This spring, of course, flew by.
I'm just expecting that of any measure of time now.
(Except for today of course)

The season was chock full of good stuff.

Easter was a hit.
Sweetums hunted for eggs at my parents house and gorged on Reese's cups afterwards.

 We went to the playground at least once a week.

Sometimes more.
We always go to the play area first to swing, then randomly run around, and lastly the girls load up into the stroller so I can take a long walk around the outer roads.
Sweetums looks for ducks the whole time and Peanut plays with her fingers or a sippy cup.

At the end of April, Adam took a week off of work and we had a staycation.
Gosh we needed that.

That week we took the girls to the zoo in Indianapolis.

I did actually take pictures of Peanut but her face is in all of them.

Adam and I also made time that week and a few more times to go on dates.

And of course, maybe the funnest of all, Sweetums turned 2!

Close family came over the evening before for dinner (we grilled out) and cake and presents. 

The next day friends and cousins came over for a playdate complete with birthday muffins with a candle on top. 

A few weeks later, we celebrated one full year with our Sweetums. 
Crazy awesome. 

And that was spring.
What on earth will summer have in store for us?

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