Monday, August 17, 2015

Looking Forward to Fall

Ok I owned it: once my birthday comes and goes I am gung-ho for fall and all that it entails.
And being in a new house there are so many new decorating opportunities!

Let's start at the start: the front door and porch....

I love this sign.

Our front door is a dusky blue so orange fall foliage will pop like crazy.
Instead of "Welcome to our Home" I like ....

And what's fall without beautiful, full mums?
And I love the cabbage for unexpected texture.

 Plus (no surprise) pumpkins.
These ones offer another unexpected texture.

 Moving inside......

I don't do a lot of chockie decor but I can never get enough of pulling leaves and weeds and junk in.
A fresh bunch of changing leaves in a pot on the table are easy and feel authentic.

This idea for filling a vase with corn and nestling in a pillar candle is earthy.
I think I would leave off the raffia to keep things more streamline but a whole bunch of these scattered around would be so cozy.

Speaking of cozy.....
All year I've been keeping on the look out for any type of plaid blanket. 
So far I've found four!
All of them at various Goodwills. 
So once the weather here really starts to cooperate, I'll scatter those around too. 

Moving back outside......
in the back yard I am really hankering for a fire pit. 
I'm sure Adam could put together a great one out of inexpensive pavers, but I would really like to get a light weight, raised one that we can move around. 
We could even keep it on our patio like the one pictured. 

I'll be keeping my eyes open for end of the season sales on outdoor stuff at Lowes and Menards for sure.

This post is my launch pad I believe.
When September comes, summer will be over for me even if it's 90 degrees.
What can I say?
I'm a seasonal rebel. 

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