Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cleaning Out the Bauble Box

This is my jewelry box. 

I found it when I was 16 at a thrift shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 
It's an old Elizabeth Arden travel makeup case. 
It permanently smells like old lady perfume and face powder.

It has tons of cubbies. 
It's perfect for storing all those bits and pieces. 
A few are even lined with velvet which is great for the very few significant pieces I have.

Unfortunately, it looked like this. 
I hate dealing with anything that looks like this. 
So I haven't been wearing much jewelry lately. 

A tangled mess. 

It also has a tray that lifts off to lower a compartment. 
I keep bigger pieces, ring boxes, my wedding ring warranty, etc. here. 

I found my wedding jewelry!
Instead of a veil I wore a circlet around a braid that wrapped my head. 
I haven't worn the necklace since that day but the bracelet is one I wear pretty regularly. 

This weird little thing was a headpiece I wore to a cousin's wedding. 
The bride asked for the guests to wear hats. 
I don't do hats so well. 
I get irritated. 
So this was an easy compromise.
This will not be surviving the clear out. 

First I pulled everything out and put it in piles: bracelets in a pile, earrings in a pile, necklaces.....
I went through each pile one at a time and pulled out stuff I didn't love to give away.

These are the survivors. 

Everything got assigned a new cubby.
That middle square cubby with the rings was diyed a bit a few years ago. 
You can make your own ring dividers so easily.

Guess after all that I should clean the mirror, too.

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