Thursday, February 16, 2017

Leo the Aussie

So this happened last weekend.....

His name is Leo. 
This picture is blurry, as are all the rest of him because like most young things he does not stop moving unless he is asleep. 
He's a 3 month old Australian Shepard. 

Adam and I knew we wanted to have a pet.....someday.
Someday when all of our kids weren't such puppies themselves.

We heard that Adam's aunt had a little Australian Shepard she was watching for a couple who decided they didn't want him back.
That was during Christmas when we first heard about him.
A couple of weeks ago, I heard they still had him and wanted him gone to a new family.

I decided I wanted to be that family.
Adam did not necessarily agree.
After promising to do the work and let him have all the fun 😉 he said yes.

So one weekend trip, a free dog, and several days later I think we are getting the hang of having this guy around.

He's a dork. 
And a spaz at times. 
But he's doin' good.

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