Thursday, October 5, 2017

Michigan Magic

A few weeks ago, some really thoughtful, generous friends offered us a few days at a lake house situated on Lake Michigan. 

With a giddy heart, I jumped at the unexpected offer. 
A handful of days away from the norm lakeside for next to nothing? 
We'd be crazy to not make time for such a trip as soon as possible. 

So right after church, we loaded up the old minivan and started north. 

Our only goal for this trip was to be together doing a whole lot of nothing. 
Our nothing looked a lot like eating a bunch of yummy food, enjoying the beach, sleeping in, soaking in the house hot tub, making s'mores, and playing.   

Of course it was kind of chilly. 
Definitely not swimming weather.
But the kids loved playing in the sand and splashing in the waves a bit. 

The house we stayed in was beautiful. 

I think the best way to describe this house would be European lodge. 
Lots of it reminded me of houses I saw in Germany. 
But so much of the inside was like a cozy lodge with dark wood paneling, fireplaces everywhere, and a staircase that was almost a ladder. 

This living room had huge sliding doors on three sides. 
I LOVED having all those open all day. 
One evening, it was a little chilly and a few candles were lit. 
We all watched a movie under blankets. 

This living room had several deer heads and even a bear. 
You can see it on the right side of this picture. 
I though the girls would be terrified but they loved this guy. 
They kissed its nose good morning and goodnight everyday.  

One day we visited Port St Joseph.

Larissa has been really wanting a scarf of her own. 
We found this super soft infinity scarf in a thrift shop.
It's perfect for her and she wore it every day. 

This port town has so many cool shops and a sandy park along the lake shore. 
You can tell it must be a really fun place in the summer months. 
It was pretty sleepy while we were there.  

Also I'm terrible at taking location shots and rule at taking pictures of my kids. 
It's probably a very good thing I'm not a travel blogger. 

I'm so glad we took this little pause. 
I'm so thankful for the gift it was from our friends. 
I love my family but I don't always *ahem* enjoy them like I should. 

But Adam and I looked at each other countless times to just gush over each kid and their sweetness/funniness/ridiculousness/quirkiness/cuteness/loveliness. 

We looked at each other countless times too and just enjoyed what we saw in each other.
What our time together through the years has looked like. 
We've been together 12 years.
We're still growing up together. 
It's an endless adventure. 

These pauses help us to keep going with joy in our eyes, strength in our bodies, and faith in our hearts. 

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