Monday, July 30, 2012

Make-shift Pantry

 Since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago, I've had a really limited amount of space for food storage. So I decided to finally do something about it.

This our, huh-hmm, pantry. Kinda cramped. Especially when you have
to stack canned food three layers deep and 
you still need a place to stash extra cereal. 

Enter: Largish, high-potential book shelf. OK, and check out that pant job. 
It's kind of awful. And that's my fault. I painted this piece 3 years ago and I didn't
feel like doing it right........and I haven't felt like redoing it since. 
So I just try to accept it as character :)

To cover up some of the ugly, 
I covered the back in this solid colored wrapping paper.
It's a metallic copper color.

To make it fit right I measured a piece to be bigger than necessary. 

Then I simply cut off the excess. 

This is where the spray adhesive comes in.

A good coating on the back and smooth it out. It took 2 pieces of paper to cover
the whole back of the book case. I made sure that the seam 
of the two pieces came together behind a shelf. 


It fits, it works, and it doesn't look so..... pitiful.

; )

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