Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Post

The day was started off right by meeting Le Beckners for sushi at lunch (yes, our day started at lunch time). We love them by the way. Travis leads the middle schoolers at our church so Adam works pretty closely with him, not to mention they've grown up together. And Betsy is just the ultimate. So we were really excited when they called us up. 


Then Adam and I headed to downtown Terre Haute

Sometimes Terre Haute does stuff right. And this street fest was done right.

I loved this awesome pottery. It was all made by a local artist.


I just thought this family was cute.

A local children's dance group was showing a ballet

I came across this new shop. 

And I was like whaaaaaaa?!

It's like Pinterest incarnate.
(cute, huh?)

Look at that hottie in the window.

So yea.

VERY happy to have a shop like this in town. 

Plans tonight include a cookout at the in-laws. They like grilling meat. We like eating meat. It works out pretty well.

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  1. Terre Haute looks darling! What a fun looking fair, it look like you and Adam are always out and about having fun though. I really enjoy looking at your photos of all the neat little details :)