Thursday, September 20, 2012

Buds and this weekend

I went outside today and saw that my orange tree is starting to bud! Yay!

Also, last year I planted some mums in a container on my porch. 
When the season ended, I cut them down for winter.
 They grew back up through the spring and summer, 
now they're beginning to bud too.

This weekend Adam and I will both be out of town. He's is going with his dad, brother, & Ally's boyfriend camping and biking. I'm going with a friend to a women's conference in Indy. It's put on by one of my favorite ministries, Revive Our Hearts. Nancy Lea Demoss leads it. She's fantastic. They have daily radio programs that talk about everything for all ages and seasons of women. You can listen online here

So here's to a good weekend. I hope yours is happy and blessed  

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