Saturday, September 1, 2012

Put on your comfies

Not much is going on around these parts today. Adam's working on homework. I am doing what I do best: nothing. We're all born with a talent for something...... :)

Soup and grilled cheese. Mmmmm

I hung some twinkle lights a few nights ago. 
They can make anything special- even walking through the door

I checked out the 5th season of Gilmore Girls
 to watch for a shameful amount of time.
I love Gilmore Girls! Agh. My favorite show just about ever. 

Plus I spent some quality time with my laptop and found some things I love:

Animal magnets made out of plastic toy animals cut in two. 
I really like the butt halfs :)

Funny picture

Some style finds:
Noomi Rapace in "The Game of Shadows"
The layering and the hat. And the hair. And the colors.
Don't think too hard about it

 I was also loving kid stuff (including the kids).

Oh my goodness  

Wildlife collection. Especially the dinosaurs.
I want a little boy just so we can collect dinosaurs.

And so I can kiss his shmooshy face and dress him as a little bear.
A shmooshy faced bear that collects dinosaurs.
Yes, please.

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