Monday, September 3, 2012

Posting fail

I had every intention of making two great posts including pictures of the events of these last two days but........ it's no bueno. I just never felt like taking pictures and now I don't feel like rehashing it all. 

Summary: yesterday-church, hang out w/ some youth groupies to repaint out sunday school room & eat pizza, young adults, hang out with Adam, do dishes at 12:30, fall into bed. Today- wake up at 8, drive 2.5 hours to Grandma's, hang out, eat too much, watch bad movie, drive 2.5 hours home, zombie-write this post, hopefully fall into bed very soon.

Tomorrow begins the frenzy of packing, cleaning, (very) last minute shopping, and finish painting the sunday school room that didn't quite make it on Sunday. Cool. Whew...... 

It'll all happen and if it doesn't that's ok. We WILL be on the plane come Wednesday. Woot. 

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