Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ready, set,.....


We're ready. We've spent all day checking those pesky need-to-do's off our list and now Adam and I can stop thinking about what needs to be done to get there and concentrate on what's going to happen while we're in Berlin.

I accepted the challenge of packing everything I would need for 8 days into 2 smallish carry on bags. And I did it!

My packing list:
1.       Black skinnies
2.       blue skinnies
3.        gray jeans
4.       Black flats
5.       sneakers
6.       Black T
7.       Regular T
8.       Black long sleeve
9.       Thin gray top
10.   Striped ¾ sleeve 
11.   Color block top
12.   White T
13.   Black cardi
14.   black dress
15.   Tie waist blue sweater
16.   Gray linen pants
17.   2 tank tops
18.   Black jacket & trench?
19.   Green scarf
20.   10 undies
21.   5 socks 
22.   Bar of soap
23.   Makeup (mascara, brown shadow, lip balm, brow brush) & remover
24.   Contacts & solution, glasses/case
25.   Toothbrush & paste
26.   Lotion
27.   Hair stuff (sm & lg elastics, pins, comb)
28.   Q tips
29.   Kindle charger
30.   phone
31.   camera
32.   backpack (buy one)
33.   big black purse
34.   cross over black purse
35.   passport
36.   Fruit (grapes, apples, cherries)
37.   Trail mix

The packing process at 1 this afternoon

Then again at 3:30

and finally everything I need for a week has been rolled 
and tucked and scrunched into a very small space. 
We do have a small rolling suitcase but I really didn't 
want to be pulling that around after me on all the cars, trains, and planes
 it will take to get where we're going.

Excited, tired, nervous, and expectant to see what God will do this week. 

Unfortunately, I won't be able to blog as often as normal. Honestly I don't think I'll be giving much thought to my blog while I'm there :). But I am going to keep a journal so I don't forget what happens each day and I'll be having more than one photo bomb to share when we get back.

Till then, be praying for us.

nächste woche (see you next week)

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