Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I had a sub job today and boy............... wow.
I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Or at least 12 special education middle schoolers.
Many were sweet, and just like any other class, a few were pills.
But you have to be up and aware (and patient) from 8 am till 3:15 when you pack them home.
Being a sub I have developed such.....admiration for teachers.
They have to take the good, the average, and the awful and make them all learn the same thing. And they do it EVERYDAY. Wow.
I especially admire kindergarten, special education, and high school teachers. My hat is off to you.
Also, teachers aides. They do just as much with less than half the credit.
Our system couldn't run without them.

On a totally different note:
We had this big old tree stump right in the middle of our yard. For the past 3 summers it was just a foundation for all kinds of weeds and poison ivy to grow. It looked like a great big, fuzzy monster. Right in the middle of everything.

So with fall coming we planned to burn it down and last night we did. By the way, there's no date night like sitting by a bonfire. If you can get him to stop messing with the fire, it can be very cool.

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