Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday funday

Today I paid a visit to my favorite local antique mall. With a budget of zilch I made myself content with just looking. 

There's so much here!
 It's like a museum where you can by anything you see 
and decide you can't live without :)

This display of vintage aprons is always here. 
I love them all 

Can you imagine all the awesome things you could make with these?

Creepy doll...... he was creepily stashed in the bottom of a glass display case

Fun! I see Christmas tree ornaments when I look at these lures

Colorful (and actually pretty cheap) stack of crochet blankets

ok. Look at what my little arrow is pointing at.
It's a garland made with buttons and wire.
Yea, I am most def making that

With additional stop at the library and my 
favorite consignment shop it was time to head home

Fall is in full force around here.
I don't think I would be happy living anywhere there wasn't 4 seasons. 
When it's time, I'm always ready for the next season around the corner

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