Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soggy Memories

We went camping this week. 
Unfortunately we only made it one night. 
One very wet, very stormy night. 
When we headed out on Monday the forecast only said there would be scattered showers. 
So we were like bring it on, we can handle a little bit of rain. 

Well it poured the whole way driving to our spot. 

(We brought Max, Adam's dog who lives with Adam's parents. He's a good boy)

We got all set up despite some wetness.

There was NO ONE else out camping.
 We had this whole area to ourselves.

Max had never been camping before.
His sniffer was going crazy.

We got a short little walk in

And the evening was pretty dry by the campfire

This is the last dry picture

 From there out it rained and rained and rained. Then it stormed. Then it rained some more. We stuck it out till about noon the following day.

We are kinda wet, kinda stinky and a little tired. 

Max thought he was a lap dog. 

He's not. 

 Even though our trip didn't turn out how we planned, it was still good for us.
We just had to do everything a different way.

I feel like when we're home we get stuck in our roles and responsibilities. He's the husband, I'm the wife and we have expectations of each other. Going off like we did, even when it gets off track, brings us back to being friends. It takes off all the pressures of our normal life. The distractions are gone and we stop worrying about all the things we need to take care of (people, money, the house, our jobs, school...). So though it was cut short and I wish we could have enjoyed some nice weather together, I like just going off and playing with my husband. I like this soggy, wet-dog-smelling memory we made. I can't wait for more.

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