Thursday, October 25, 2012

This week's Thursday

I subbed today. I actually had a pretty good day. The first half was spent with a special ed teacher I've subbed for before (and will be subbing for tomorrow) and the second half in a 2 /3 grade class. The afternoon class was super good and we got through just fine.

Now I'm home and thinking through what needs to be done tonight. I'm still fighting all the objects that make camping possible. It's easier to throw things in the car when you're going than putting them all back when you get home.

So yea that... and laundry. Always laundry. And always dishes. Blah. You have those chores right? The ones that never end? As soon as you've finished it, it's already getting dirty again.  Home is just like that I think. Not just dishes and laundry. It's all constantly being used so it's all always moving towards getting dirty. It can be a vicious cycle. Sometimes it just makes me angry. "Adam, how dare you get a drink when I just finished washing that cup?!" Ha. I have to constantly make sure I don't let the work I do out of love turn bitter and become something that tears my house down. Sometimes I'm not very good at that. Actually lots of times I'm not very good at that. Thank goodness God knows how to build my house and keeps inviting me to help Him.

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