Monday, November 5, 2012

Smallish list

For this lovely Monday, I have a small task list of things I want/need to get done.

There has apparently been a chicken pox outbreak in our school corporation. Since I work for the corp as a sub teacher I have to show that I've had chicken pox already. So I've got to go get those records and turn them in.
I really want to do some thrifting for a couple things (today is 15% off at some of my thrift stores).
The weather really is nice out. It's chilly but dry and sunny.
I think potato soup with some crusty bread for dinner in is order.
Just a good, peaceful, productive day ahead. Fabulous.

Update on kitty: We're waging war on his fleas and I think we're winning. After a couple soapy baths and picking the buggars off, kitty is scratching much less. BTW, I don't like the name Basil anymore. We'll find something that fits. In my dad's words to my mother right after giving birth to me "the hardest part is picking the name."......... ; )

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