Sunday, November 4, 2012

Snatches of this week

Ok first of all, I'm already loving this time change. I just thought I was running really late for church. As I was scrambling to get my contacts in and mascara smeared on my lashes, I was like " I wonder if Adam changed all the clocks.". Guess what. He didn't. I was looking at the wrong time. :) I'm an hour ahead. Nice. 

Anywho, as usual, this was a busy week. Here are some peeks.

Met Adam at Java Haute for a lunch/study session.
I had a BLT on ciabatta w/ humus and veggies on the side.
Java has excellent humus. I wonder if they make it or buy it? 


A drawing of me by one of the girls in a class I subbed for. 
I like the peace signs and hearts she put on my shirt

We went to a costume party Friday night. 

I just dressed in black and painted my face like the
 sugar skulls at the Day of the Dead festivals.

Adam...... well, he went as Freddie Mercury (Queen).
It was the scariest costume at the party.
(Adam's pants were so tight, they ripped by the time we headed home. Bahahaha!)

See the resemblance? 

Kitty looking cute. 
I love how his paws are just straight out in front of him.

At the party bon fire. 
Blurry pic, I know. 
But you get the idea.
We had fun. 
But I'm tired of bon fires.

Kitty went to the vet Saturday morning. 
Poor thing has fleas like crazy but he's still too young to do much about it.
They rubbed a little front line on him but I'm not noticing much difference.
He also got some worm medicine. 
When they weighed him, he came in at exactly 1 pound.

We also went to Anson and Rachel's last night. Adam was the only one who hadn't seen baby Heath. We just drove up there for the afternoon and got home late last night. We had a fun time hanging out with all the kids, making and eating dinner together, and playing Phase 10. And I think Hannah watched Cinderella 3 times while we were there. Silly girl. Heath has already grown in his short 2 weeks. He has so much dark hair on his little head and he gets this funny scowl in his brow when he's upset.

It was a good week and I hope today offers some down time. Also: I am SO ready for this election season to be over.

The end.

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