Monday, November 26, 2012

some web likes

I've had an evening of web surfing........
Here are some of my finds

That quilt needs to be on my bed. 
At a mere $2,400, let's throw in those awesome sheets too, right?

These bookends are great. 
These could totally be DIY-ed

I like these stars. 
They'd make a cute garland for my winter windows.

These to. 
I feel some crafting coming on.

I want/need these shoes. 
They're on clearance for $10 bucks
 (Do I have to include the dollar sign when I say bucks? I dunno)

I bought some mini loaf pans recently 
and I'm loving this cherry choco chip loaf recipe.

Bahahaha awww :)

Lastly, yes please please please. 

 That's all.

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