Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tiny trees

It is 2 days after Thanksgiving and I have started some Christmas decorating.
I'm not ready to post pictures yet so instead here's a how-to on some cute (and cheap) Christmas tree snowscapes. 

You'll need:
glass jars/containers of various sizes
small bottle brush trees in various sizes
hot glue gun

I was able to find these at our dollar store

Various jars that I cleaned the labels off of

Take a tree and squeeze a bit of glue on the bottom.

Push your tree onto the bottom of your jar. 

Pour on some sugar so it covers the bottom.

And cap it. 
Easy- peezy

I had a helper the whole time of course

In these type of jars that have flat bottom lids....

you can glue your trees to the inside of the lid,

pour sugar into the jar, 
and screw the lid on.

When you turn the jar upside down, your sugar will fall into place.

And that's it. Mine range from large to very small.
I have them scattered all over our house but they would
 look very pretty grouped together like this on a window sill I think.

One last tip: since your using sugar, make sure if you clean your jars that they're really dry inside. The sugar will stick to any moisture..... and that's not very pretty.

Now go do it and have fun!

(If you make these, take a picture and leave it in my comments section. I want to see 'em :))

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