Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thoughts for the fast coming holidays

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is at the end of this week.


That means a tiny work week for me, church projects and events are kicking off, my sister-in-law Ally only has 2 weeks of college left to go (!), I need to get a move on with financial aid stuff for my spring semester, and at the end of this week I can start decorating for Christmas.

One thing I am really appreciating about this year is that our holiday plans seem to be planning themselves. We know exactingly how we'll be spending our time with our families during the holidays and that is a huge relief to me. I hate the stress of making sure everyone gets equal time yet still making sure we have enough space to keep our focus on the meaning of the season. It's so easy to loose that focus and the joy that it brings.

Last year a friend of ours, Isaac Adams, posted "If you're stressing about Christmas you're doing it wrong, bro." It's so casual and straightforward. That comment seriously pops into my head every time I get a little freaked out by all that needs done for the season. Then I laugh :)

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