Sunday, December 2, 2012

Miss you, Blog

I've been slacking on my blog lately.
I'm hitting a creative wall with it.
I pretty much blog about the same stuff---- lifey stuff....
but life can get pretty repetitive.

How about I just highlight some of my favorite (and not so favorite) things of these last few days:

  • my favorite place: our church. We go through highs, we go through lows, but it is always a place where Christ meets up with anyone who's looking for Him.
  • favorite snack: sugar. I have been eating a lot of sweets lately and I really need to cut back.
  • favorite person: Adam. Again, we have our highs and we have ours lows, but we always fall back in love and are better for the struggles of learning how to love.
  • least favorite moment: playing the victim when I should have been asking forgiveness 
  • favorite music: classic Christmas music. Bring it on :)
  • Favorite drink: strong coffee with hazelnut creamer and a drop of peppermint oil
  • favorite game: words with friends. Have you tried it? It's addicting.
  • Favorite thing I did today: Flirt with my husband in public 
  • 2nd favorite thing I did today: watch him get 22 points at his basketball game 
  • looking forward to: all of the Christmas parties coming up 
  • hoping: I get the job at Java.... still haven't heard back but I've got my fingers crossed
  • glad to have: finished the background for our children's Christmas program

(The kids program setting is in the city at night. Can't wait to see the program)

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