Sunday, January 20, 2013

Run, girl, run

I've been trying to do this running plan for people who do not run (insert: me). 

You've probably seen it floating around on the Pinterests ;)

Running schedule

I'm on week 3 and I'm still going.
And want to know something weird? 
I actually look forward to it. 

Very strange.

So far it seems the key for me on this try is to work towards the time goal- not the calories burned, not the distance, not the intensity, not the weight I might loose (fingers crossed) along the way, but simply the time. 

I really want to be able to run 20 minutes straight without being doubled over in a cramp or hyperventilating. 

Along with all this new, strange exercise I've just naturally had to pay attention to what I eat.
When I eat all those carbs I love: I have to run through crazy cramps.
When I don't eat enough: I am tired and out of it not just when I'm running but all the time. 
When I eat sugar: that also makes me super tired (because I've subbed sugar for real fuel)

Of course I do have a prize at the end of this 3 month training. 
If I'm able to run for 20 minutes straight in 9 weeks I'm going on a shopping trip with one of our youth group girls to pick out a new pair of running shoes. 
And believe me, if I spend $60-$70 on a pair of shoes you know I'll be keeping it up :)

I've got these in mind
ASICS Women's Gel Neo33 Running Shoe,Black/Lime/Electric Purple,8 M US ASICS,

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