Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday morning

It's been such a nice Saturday so far.

Adam was out of town last night so I have been alone all day (other then my furry sidekick) but otherwise it's been perfect.

The high today is 60 so the windows have been open. 

I laid in bed till noonish just listening to the outdoor sounds and dozing.

Then I got up, worked out, showered and got some housework done. 

I got in touch with some girls from youth who I haven't talked to in a bit and THAT was wonderful

I miss them when I don't see any of them for a while.

This is my last Saturday before my classes start. 

Agh. Say a prayer would you? I am resisting and in denial about it. 

But in 6 months I'll be done and free until I want to go back. 

Until then, I'm going to keep soaking up this weather and have a good cuddle with the Henry. 

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