Friday, January 11, 2013

Year book

A package I've been waiting awhile for finally arrived on our doorstep a few days ago. 
I couldn't wait to get it open and look at it.  

Front cover

I really like the packaging and on that day I agreed with this :)

On the cover page I wrote out a summary of our year and added my favorite picture of us from 2012.

On the inside...

And another inside page (I love that picture of Adam).

I used to scrap book but now I don't have the desire or time to do it.
This photo book was $40 including shipping (I got some good Christmas time discounts).
That's cheaper than if I were to buy a special album, buy the paper/stickers/odds &ends, and print off all the pictures.
Plus this way I was able to type all the little captions and titles.
No one will have to discipher my handwriting.

It's a 12x12 size, has 20 pages, and is only maybe 1/2 inch thick.
I was also able to put as many pictures as I wanted on each page and design every piece of the book.

To top it all off, Adam loved it.
Like, waaaay more than I thought he would.
I'm thinking a special youth group one might be in order for him next year.

This is definitely going to be a yearly thing: a Conner year book.

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