Sunday, February 24, 2013

A few good things

Here I am at the top of another weekend.
It flew by in a flash, that's for sure.
And I didn't seem to ever have a camera to freeze a minute of it

I worked...... for alot of it.
No bueno but necessary.

My sister-in-law Ally and her boyfriend Bryar got engaged and we are all SO happy for them.

Wedding talk is officially ON!

It was also my sister's 21st birthday and we got dinner together Saturday night.
(no camera, dangit)

Today I got to finally have some down time which felt really nice..... until 10 o'clock hit and I realized I had an assignment due in 2 hours!


Freaked out..... then got it done in time.

And now I'm watching the tail end of the Oscars.
How can I make Monday not come so soon?
Has anyone figured that out yet?

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