Monday, February 11, 2013

my funny valentine

Due to our schedules being CRAZY busy and weird right now, Adam and I decided to play hooky from church Sunday night and celebrate Valentine's day early together. Nothing too spectacular. Just a casual dinner out and normal valentine-y day things.

We got each other simple gifts like....

cards, ....


and mega ring bracelets. 
I know right? 
It's awesome. 
I am a lucky lady. 

 Unfortunately as the evening progressed, Adam started feeling sicker and sicker. I kept asking if he really wanted to go out for dinner and he kept saying yes. At one point, right after ordering our food, he was practically laying down in the booth.......

Poor guy.

So I had our waitress pack up our meal to go.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Hotel Transylvania and eating takeout. 
Or at least I was eating take out. 

We're planning on having a mini date to get coffee on V day.
I just hope he gets better fast.

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