Sunday, February 10, 2013

So I should be doing homework, but instead... 'bout I talk about my newest plant?

Growing up, my mom always had an aloe vera plant around for our cuts and burns. Now lately, looking around the "webs" there are so many uses that I never would have thought of.

Click here for 40 ways to use this great plant.

I searched for my own plant and found one on (of all places) ebay for 6 bucks, free shipping.

uh, yea.
So I got this little bit in the mail yesterday. 

supplies= plant, pot (that I snagged at Goodwill last week),
 a coffee filter, and large spoon because I have no idea where my trowel is. 
If you use a coffee filter in a pot, it lets the extra water
 pass through the drainage holes without loosing any soil. 

After stealing some dirt from another potted plant, 
all I had to do was press the roots into the dirt and pack it in. 

So sweet and so fresh. 

I think my green thumb is waking up from hibernation.

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