Thursday, March 14, 2013

Grow it out

You know that feeling you get when you decide you want to do something different with your hair?
Maybe you want to color it, or cut it or hey, maybe even perm it?
You CANNOT WAIT to get into the salon to make a change
("Hi, do you have an opening within the hour?")

Well I want to grow not only the rest of my hair out but also my bangs.
Like, now.
(When I told Adam I wanted to grow them out he said "For me?" Apparently the man has a secret something against bangs. Who knew?)

So, yes it's not such a quick change.

I have been pinning hair growth tips like mad on pinterest.

Here's what I've found so far

This coconut oil mask from this blog 

Using the juice from an aloe vera plant 

And this woman who shares many tips on growing out hair. 

So let the growing begin!

(Do you have any tips for growing out healthy hair? If you do please share!)

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