Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fridge de-yuckification

This spring break week is turning into quite the spring cleaning week.
I cleaned out my fridge and let me tell you, it's been awhile since the last time that happened.
As in..... like.... never.
Ok, maybe once, but a loooooong time ago.
Well I got the bug to do it and I did it.

From the beginning: crammed with leftovers, 
condiments, and things that needed to be tossed

I got all that out and on the table. 
I had no idea there was that much stuff in there. 

I took ALL the shelves, bins, and anything else that wasn't attached
 out and got them into the tub with hot water and dish soap. 
Cleaning it all this way made it so easy. 
Plus we have a hand held shower head so that was even better.

Ok now the really embarrassing part.
Gross grime and gunk and crumbs everywhere. 
And that puddle on the bottom?
You don't want to know..... but it came from a chicken. 
Told you. 

To get all the gross gone I made a solution of dish soap and white vinegar.
I heated it up in the microwave till it bubbled and poured it in a spray bottle. 
This hot mixture is VERY strong smelling but it gets rid of everything. 
I use it on our tub all the time. 
I sprayed it in the fridge and let it sit. 

While the fridge was soaking, everything else needed scrubbed, rinsed and dried. 
I couldn't believe how great it all looked afterwards...

.... including the fridge. 

After rearranging the shelves a bit, throwing out what 
we weren't going to use, and categorizing 
this old hand-me-down fridge looks pretty good I'd say.

Note to self: It's nice to take care of and be content with what you have. 
Also, defrost a chicken on a plate next time. 


  1. Okay, cleaning out the fridge is like my least favorite chore EVER. I think it comes from two places - it was always my job when I was growing up and one time I did it in college in a house with no electricity and it was awful! Good for you for just sucking it up and doing it - not fun, but totally worth it! I love that you put the shelves and drawers in the bathtub. That is a really good idea!

    1. Ha yea it all needed done and there was no way I was going to wrestle with all that in the kitchen sink. And just the " a college house..." sounds scary enough! I don't blame you. :)