Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend in review

It was a good weekend. 
a busy one like usual, but with plenty of margin to recoup.
Like I mentioned, it started with a date which is the best way to start any weekend.  

Saturday was spent running errands, relaxing, then working at the coffee shop.

I've been making careful lists based on meals I've planned and
 nutritious quick options for when we can't eat at the same time. 

Snow was snowing

First I had to drop by the bank 

This sign was posted and I thought it was funny.....
..... and I liked the typography and the black/white. :)

Then I went by the old book sale at our library. 
They had rooms set up of old books, games, videos, CD's, calendars, and more.
I saw an old teacher from my high school.
Sometimes its nice to run into them 
 What I bought:

A Train in Winter: it's about a group of French women 
living through the French occupation during WWII.

Also, 500 Nations: It's an illustrated history of many of the nations of Native Americans.
I looked through it a lot yesterday and it's so interesting. 

I made it through grocery shopping. 
Note to self: do NOT go grocery shopping on a Saturday EVER again. 
It was insanity. 
But I made it. 

I made some chicken salad using this recipe (click here).

While I was "cooking" Henry was doing this.
He is constantly  playing here. 
He'll find any bit of anything on the floor and bat it around until he hits it under the stove. 
Then he'll try to get it out, will, and then will push it under again. 
Endless entertainment for my little furry friend.
Who knows how much crap has been shoved under there. 

Adam and I spent the rest of the afternoon cuddled up on the couch watching golf (he likes watching golf) and eating chick salad sandwiches (I like chicken salad).

 Then it was time to go to work.

Sunday was spent at church, meeting for taco bell afterwards, and hanging out at home.

It was a good weekend.
This week is my last til our week off for spring break.
That's nice.
We're not going anywhere but I might plan a fun day or two.

So let's get this week done!

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