Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Car Convenience Case

Recently I won this sweet polka dot toiletry case at a baby shower. 
Cute right?
But I don't really need another case for my makeup and things. 
I decided to use it as a car convenience case to hold stuff it's always nice to have on hand but sometimes gets forgotten. 

So here's what I've got in my pack:

  1. Flashlight
  2. bandaids
  3. contact case (prefilled with some solution)
  4. hand balm
  5. lip balm
  6. $1.50 in quarters
  7. pen
  8. notecards (I like using these for shopping lists)
  9. gum
  10. bug spray (especially now that it's getting warm and we'll be outside more, this will be really handy)
  11. headband/ hair tie

I didn't buy any of these things specifically for the kit. 
I just gathered things we already had that would be nice to have with me and would fit nicely into the case. 
Plus this case will fit in the pocket on the back of my seat. 

I would still like to add a mini sewing kit, wet wipes, and a small tube of sunscreen. 

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