Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Greenish thumbs

The weather has been ideal these last couple of days. 
My mini daffodils are up, the grass is really coming in, 
and the windows have been perpetually open :)
I was waiting for these days.
I'm sure you were too. 

So I thought it was time to start some of my seeds.
I did a yard garden last year and for many reasons, it failed miserably. 
I'm going to go easier on my green thumbs this year and stick to container gardening.

I've kept my eyes out this winter for good size containers at goodwills and other thrift stores.
For these seeds though I'm using a old crock pot with a clear glass lid. 
It just said instant greenhouse to me.  

All I needed was some potting soil, my old crock, and seeds.

Because the container was somewhat on the small size, 
I only seeded it with cilantro and sweet basil.

I marked the areas on popsicle sticks with the plant name and a little doodle....

...and topped it with the lid.
You see?
Instant greenhouse.

I have the container out on the porch in the sun right now.
When the plants really start to grow I'll move it to my kitchen
so I can easily make cuttings.

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